Zennio - Technology solutions for hotels, residential and commercial buildings

Specification tools

We want to make it easy for you

We provide technical information about both our products and solutions in order to assist you with the specifications.

Download technical products information in different formats; AutoCAD, Presto, BC3, Visio libraries, etc.

Product catalogue

Download our catalogue of KNX solutions in PDF format

Zennio Technical Specifications

Download the technical specifications of Zennio products to include it in your project documentation

Visio Libraries

Download Zennio Libraries for Microsoft Visio and ease your technical drawings and installation schemes of Zennio products

CAD Files

Download the files in DXF format and include Zennio products in your CAD projects


Download the pictures of all our products in order to include them in your projects

Application programs

Download the ETS4 & ETS5 database with the application programs of all our devices to create your projects

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