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Z41 Pro is a capacitive touch panel with up to 96 control functions. Minimalist aesthetics, dominated by simple forms, lead to a timeless design that facilitates integration within working and living environments. Its 4.1” color display in portrait (3:4) makes your management and enjoyment easier. Up to 96 controls to enable distributed communication within the intelligent home. Z41 includes an internal clock with battery and USB port for program updates. Includes IP port for remote control from smartphones or tablets through free mobile apps. It also includes 2 analog-digital inputs of great functionality. Accessories: temperature probe and motion sensor. Available in white, silver and anthracite colors. Accessories: temperature probe and motion sensor.

Frame options: polycarbonate (ZVI-Z41PRO-xP) or aluminum (ZVI-Z41PRO)

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  • Z41_2.0_White.jpg

Application Program ETS

Only for ETS4/ETS5 (see Warning)
To update Z41 Pro, it is necessary to download the ETS application program and also update the firmware with the corresponding version.


Update ETS4/ETS5 with the last version to be able to import the product.