Daily estimation of power consumption Measurement in KW and cost Measurement C02 emissions Switch devices off if consumption exceeds

Monitor, control, and reduce your energy consumption

Want to save energy?

Capacitive Room Controller fully customizable

1.8” back-lighted display 8 main touch areas and 1 central touch control Thermostat included Internal sensor integrated 2 analog/digital inputs

Obtain the desired aesthetic impression

Portrait or landscape design 4, 6, and 8 buttons 5 buttons for direct functions Thermostat included Internal sensor integrated

Add some extra style to your ambience

Touch-MyDesign capacitive touch switch
fully customizable

Innovative Fully Customizable
Capacitive Touch Panel

8 main touch buttons and 1 central Mobility between pages by sliding on
the central area of the panel.
32 functions distributed on up to 4 pages. Thermostat included. Integrated temperature sensor. 2 Analog/digital inputs.

Mobility through central sliding area

Fully Customizable Capacitive Touch Panel with 1, 2, 4 and 6 buttons.

Standard model (white, black, and silver
or totally customizable
2 analog-digital inputs included Internal temperature probe Integrated Thermostat included

Minimalist and sophisticated
for the most contemporary spaces...

Z41 KNX Capacitive Color Touch Panel

IP connection Remote access from your Smartphone and Tablet (iOS or Android)Management, control, and monitor in real time Up to 96 functions 2 Thermostats included Installation in portrait or landscape

The perfect blend between design, elegance, and sophistication

Lighting, DALI, LED, HVAC, Daikin, sensors, interfaces, power supply….

More functionality, more versatility, multiple configurations

Multifunction actuators with logical functions

Customizable Capacitive Touch Panel
with 5 Buttons and Display

1.8” backlighted display 5 multifunction buttons totally customizableUp to 8 configurable display indicators Internal temperature probe 2 analog/digital inputs

The heart of energy efficiency

Homes. Buildings. Hotels.
KNX Automation Solutions

Touch screens Sensors and actuators HVAC solutions LED lighting Energy saving

Modern and functional designs



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