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The touch switch tailored to you.



The touch switch tailored to you.

Flat in side view being pushed.

Flat and minimalist.

Full of surprises and details you will enjoy discovering - that is Flat.

Bedroom in front view from the foot of the bed with a black Flat 2 on each side of it.

Matching your decor.

Flat 4 on a white wall next to a vintage-style white cabinet with decorative elements.Flat 2 in pink leaf wall with rustic table and armchair.


Timeless and compatible with your design.

Natural and intuitive.

Flat 4 from the front with the same line design as those from the wall and the sofa.

A canvas to express yourself.

Fits into any design, colour, space or texture.

Flat 1 with flower crown design on desktop.Flat 6 in brown and white tones kitchen.White Flat 1 with customised designed on white brick wall.

Every space generates its contents.

Find yours. Possibilities are endless.

Room with two chairs and lamp behind, with open window and white wall in the background with black Flat 4.


Little details that speak for themselves.

Black Flat 4 on wood texture

Imagine, design, create...and we will make it real.

Awaken your artistic side with our online tool.

Customised background of multitude of colors.Flat frame.


Proximity sensor.

Perspective view of white Flat Display with living room in warm tones background.Perspective view of white Flat Display with living room in warm tones background.


Flat detects proximity and activates to provide its features. Designed with backlit icons so you always know what to do, either day or night.


Flat 1

Flat 2

Flat 4

Flat 6

Flat Display

Drawing of Flat 1 with measurements in millimeters.


  • Anthracite
  • Silver
  • White
  • Gloss white

Customisable capacitive buttons

  • Flat 1
    • 1 button
  • Flat 2
    • 2 buttons
  • Flat 4
    • 4 buttons
  • Flat 6
    • 6 buttons
  • Flat Display
    • 5 buttons

Screen size

  • Flat Display
    • 2.4"


  • Two analog-digital inputs
  • KNX


  • Backlight
  • Proximity sensor
  • Luminosity sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Flat 2 and Flat 6
    • Portrait and landscape orientation
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